Kaiser Spring Lectures 2022

Every Saturday from March 5 to March 26, 2022

Kaiser Spring Lectures

The Kaiser Spring Lectures is a series of lectures organized by Kaiser during the Spring. The lectures have been very successful since they were first organised in 2014. In this series of 4 lectures we invite 4 astronomers who will tell us all about their research.

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“That Leiden is rightly City of Discoveries, is proven by the Kaiser Spring Lectures. A good reason to come to the beautiful Leiden Old Observatory.”

Drs. Henri J.J. Lenferink

Mayor of Leiden.

“Come hear these super interesting lectures!”

Prof. dr. ir. Hester Bijl

Rector Magnificus Leiden University

“Are you an adventurer? Come hear the Kaiser Spring Lectures, and hear the latest news about the James Webb Space Telescope!”

Prof. Dr. Ewine van Dishoeck

Professor in Molecular Astrophysics

“The Kaiser Spring Lectures are a wonderful accesible way to learn more about the wonders of the universe.”

Prof. Dr. Ignas Snellen

Professor in observational astrophysics

“Wonderful stories about today’s most exciting telescopes: how do they work and what will they discover?”

Prof. Dr. Huub Röttgering

Scientific director, Professor in observational cosmology

“Spring: budding green, crocuses, easter, the Matthew Passion, and of course we can not forget the Kaiser Spring Lectures!”

Prof. Dr. Frans van Lunteren

Professor in the history of science

About us

Spring Lectures Committee 2022

The Kaiser Spring Lectures are an initiative of Leiden University and the Leiden Astronomical Study Association ‘F. Kaiser’. This is a association for all students of astronomy at Leiden, from freshmen to Ph.D.. L.A.D ‘F. Kaiser ‘is named after Frederik Kaiser, the first director and founder of the Old Observatory. The association organizes many activities for students, from drinks and football tournaments, to lectures and museum visits and is fully managed by students.

A part of the association is the Spring Lectures Committee. They will organize the Spring lectures in 2023 for the tenth time. This year, the committee consists of the following members:


Hai! My name is Nelleke and I’m 22 years old. Currently, I’m in my second year of the Astronomy and Science Communication and Society master. I’m really looking forward to organising this year’s Spring Lectures. Showing how extraordinary and breathtakingly beautiful the universe is, always gives me much joy. What better way than via the Spring Lectures. Besides, in my opinion it is important that science is communicated clearly and, most importantly, in a fun way for everybody who’s interested. I am the chairwoman for the 9th edition of the Kaiser Spring Lectures. My job is to keep an overview within the committee, create and discuss the agendas and make sure everything runs smoothly.  Hopefully you’re as excited as I am! See you in spring!

Ab Actis/Assessor Logistics

Hello! I am Duco, 20 years old, a 3rd year mathematics and physics student, and for this year the secretary and assessor logistics of the spring lectures. I myself am thus not an astronomy student, but one of the aspects of the spring lectures that attracts me this much is the fact that they are accessible for everyone who shows enthusiasm. I look forward to providing great and interesting lectures the attendees can enjoy. I will make sure our tasks and documents are organized nicely, and that the logistics of the spring lectures are accounted for. I’ll see you at the lectures!


Hello! My name is Daan and I am 19 years old. I am a second year Physics and Mathematics student. I may not study Astronomy, but like most people here, I have had a keen interest in everything to do with the universe for as long as I can remember. It was not until I received the old telescope of a good friend’s grandfather, that my interest in space really took off. I spent many a cold winter night gazing under the stars with that thing. Nothing makes me happier than sharing my enthusiasm with others, and that is why I feel lucky that this year, I get to promote the spring lectures


Hello astronomy enthusiasts! My name is Weronika and I’m 24 years old. I am from Poland, I made my bachelor in Astronomy there. Now I am an Erasmus student doing the first year of my master’s degree at Leiden University. I have loved watching stars since I was a little girl. Learning about mysteries of the Universe is very exciting for me. Except for the astronomy, I like also dancing, traveling and sailing. I am very happy that we are organizing Spring Lectures this year! I am in charge of contact with our amazing speakers.


Hello, my name is Dante and I am a 19-year-old second year mathematics and physics student. I am fascinated by the way the world works, from the largest scales in the universe to the smallest particles. That passion and curiosity were the reasons for me to study physics. In the Spring Lectures we’ll try to pass on the passion for astronomy that we share. In the Spring Lecture committee, I’m the treasurer and hence responsible for the finances of the committee.