All lectures start at 14:00. Tickets for the lecture cost € 4, – per person per lecture. The lectures take 45 minutes and are intended for general audiences. After each lecture is 15 minutes the opportunity to ask questions. At 15:15 starts a tour of 45 minutes, which costs € 4, – extra to take part.

The program of lectures is as follows:

13:15 – 14:00 Reception with free coffee, tea and biscuits
14:00 – 15:00Lecture
15:15 – 16:00Guided tour of the Old Observatory
16:00Closing time of the Old Observatory


Spring Lectures 2020: Exploring the Milky Way Galaxy



Saturday 7 March 2020
Prof. Bernard Foing (ESA-ESTEC)

Europe to the Moon and Mars



Saturday 14 March 2020 Prof. dr. I.A.G. Snellen (Leiden University)

Exoplaneten en de zoektocht naar buitenaards leven



Saturday 21 March 2020
Dr. ir. A. Petrignani (UvA)

The Interstellar Medium and the Building Blocks of Life



Saturday 28 March 2020
Prof. dr. H.J.A. Röttgering (Leiden University)

LOFAR: zwarte gaten en grote schokken in het heelal