Saturday 24 April

Saturday 24 April

Lecturer: Dr. Jens Hoeijmakers (Lund Observatory)
Language: Dutch

Is our Solar system unique?

The Solar system in the Milky Way

Our Solar system exists of 8 planets: terrestrial planets like the Earth or Mars, and giants like Jupiter and Saturn, with in between countless smaller objects like asteroids and comets. Since 1995 it is known that other stars also have planets that orbit them and in the last 25 years, thousands of those exoplanets have been discovered. It has turned out that our Solar system is probably not unique and that the variety in planets is enormous. This lecture gives a summary of our current knowledge of exoplanets and compares our Solar system to some special exoplanet systems where a lot of research is done at the moment.

N.b.: Deze lezing is in het Nederlands / This lecture will be in Dutch