Saturday 7 March

Saturday 7 March

Lecturer: Prof. Bernard Foing (senior scientist, ESA-ESTEC)
Subject: Europe to the Moon and Mars
Language: English

Prof Bernard Foing, senior scientist, ESA-ESTEC Lead SMART-1, Co-investigator Mars Express * ExoMars

ESA launched its first missions to the Moon and Mars (SMART-1 & Mars Express) in 2003. Together with other international orbital and surface missions, we have made discoveries and can move on the next steps for research. ESA ExoMars programme includes Trace Gas Orbiter (launched in 2016) , and  rover mission in collaboraiton with Roscosmos(to be launched in July 2020) to search for traces of life; to be continued with International Mars Sample Return. For the Moon, we participate to international robotic surface missions, and we work with NASA Artemis programme to bring humans around the Moon and on the lunar surface in 2023-2024, in preparation for a sustainable and permanent Moon Base by 2030. To support these goals, the EuroMoonMars initiative has been training young professionals in research, technology, habitat design and field simulations in extreme MoonMars analogue sites on Earth. 

All lectures start at 14:00. Tickets for the lecture cost € 4, – per person per lecture. The lectures take 45 minutes and are intended for general audiences. After each lecture is 15 minutes the opportunity to ask questions. At 15:15 starts a tour of 45 minutes, which costs € 4, – extra to take part.

The program of lectures is as follows:

13:15 – 14:00 Reception with free coffee, tea and biscuits
14:00 – 15:00Lecture
15:15 – 16:00Guided tour of the Old Observatory
16:00Closing time of the Old Observatory



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