Kaiser Lentelezingen 2020

Op zaterdag 7, 14, 21 and 28 Maart

Kaiser Spring Lectures

The Kaiser Spring Lectures is a series of lectures organized by Kaiser during the Spring. The lectures have been very successful since they were first organised in 2014 The spirit of the lectures is to invite real astronomers. They will explain their own research to the general public.


The 2020 thema has been announced!

Exploring the Milky Way Galaxy



Spring Lectures 2020: Exploring the Milky Way Galaxy


Saturday 7 March 2020
Prof. Bernard Foing (ESA-ESTEC)

Europe to the Moon and Mars


Saturday 14 March 2020 Prof. dr. I.A.G. Snellen (Leiden University)

Exoplaneten en de zoektocht naar buitenaards leven


Saturday 21 March 2020
Dr. ir. A. Petrignani (UvA)

The Interstellar Medium and the Building Blocks of Life


Saturday 28 March 2020
Prof. dr. H.J.A. Röttgering (Leiden University)

LOFAR: zwarte gaten en grote schokken in het heelal

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“That Leiden is rightly City of Discoveries, is proven by the Kaiser Spring Lectures. A good reason to come to the beautiful Leiden Old Observatory.”

Drs. Henri J.J. Lenferink

Burgemeester van Leiden.


“Come hear these super interesting lectures!”

Prof. Mr. Carel Stolker

Rector Magnificus Universiteit Leiden


“Are you an adventurer? Come hear the Kaiser Spring Lectures, and learn how you can land on a comet!”

Prof. Dr. Ewine van Dishoeck

Professor in de Moleculaire Astrofysica


“The Kaiser Spring Lectures are a wonderful accesible way to learn more about the wonders of the universe.”

Prof. Dr. Ignas Snellen

Professor in de observationele astrofysica


“Black holes, dark matter, exoplanets, distant galaxies: It will all be given a chance this spring!”

Prof. Dr. Huub Röttgering

Scientific director, Professor in de observationele cosmologie


“Spring: budding green, crocuses, easter, the Matthew Passion, and of course we can not forget the Kaiser Spring Lectures!”

Prof. Dr. Frans van Lunteren

Professor in de geschiedenis van de natuurwetenschappen

About us

Spring Lectures Committee 2020

The Kaiser Spring Lectures are an initiative of Leiden University and the Leiden Astronomical Study Association ‘F. Kaiser’. This is a association for all students of astronomy at Leiden, from freshmen to Ph.D.. L.A.D ‘F. Kaiser ‘is named after Frederik Kaiser, the first director and founder of the Old Observatory. The association organizes many activities for students, from drinks and football tournaments, to lectures and museum visits and is fully managed by students.

Part of the association, the Commission Spring Lectures, this year, in 2020, for the seventh consecutive year, will organize a series of lectures in March. This year, the committee consists of the following members:


Jonah Post


Jonah is in the third year of his undergraduate astronomy and physics. As chairman it is his task to lead the series of lectures in the right direction, and to help the other members when necessary.


Sharon Diamant

Secretary, Speakers

Sharon is a fourth-year undergraduate student. As secretary keeps track of what is discussed during the meetings. Sharon also maintains contact with our speakers.


Carmen Turner


Carmen is also a third-year undergraduate astronomy. She is the Chairman of the Kaiser Board and also a member of Kaiser Spring Lectures Committee, she ensures that all our finances are in order.


Matthijs Rog

Speakers, Logistics, Vice Chairman

Also Matthijs is in the third year of his bachelor. He makes contact with the speakers. He takes care of the logistics, such that the day itself comes along well.


Jort Boxelaar

Promo, Logistics

Besides in the third year of his bachelor Jort is also on the board of Kaiser. For the Spring Lectures he handles all posters, logos and other promotional issues. He also ensures that we can use the Old Observatory and takes car of ticket shop.



Alle komende Lentelezingen zijn AFGELAST in verband met COVID-19 (het coronavirus). Als u tickets heeft gekocht, hebben we u een mail gestuurd. We hopen op uw begrip. Voor dringende vragen kunt u ons mailen.

All upcoming Spring Lectures have been CANCELLED due to COVID-19 (the coronavirus). If you have bought tickets, we have send you mail. We hope to have your understanding. For urgent questions you can mail us.

Mail: lentelezingen@strw.leidenuniv.nl