734774_516024521765474_18027195_nOn this page you will find a short summary of the all available options at the Old Observatory.

The Old Leiden Observatory is the oldest university observatory in the world, it has been home to many world famous astronomers like Oort, Hertzsprung and De Sitter who have made discoveries and laid down theoretical frameworks that are still being used today. Even Einstein was a frequent visitor here during his Leiden years!

Because of the historical and scientific significance that this building holds, the astronomy department tries to uphold the building in its former glory by using and maintaining the 4 antique telescopes that are housed in the domes, giving tours trough the building and holding regular open days for the public.

The observatory offers English language tours trough the building, given by astronomy students of Leiden University. During these tours you will see our antique telescopes and, if weather permits, have a look trough them at an astronomical object or church tower.

These tours can be booked at any date and time, given that a willing student is found. We currently offer two tour types. Prices are for groups up to 15 people. (Multiple tours at the same time are possible.)

  • Full tour of about 1 and a half¬† hour for 77 euros (Including tax)
  • Short tour of about 30 minutes for 50 euros (Including tax)

To book a tour or a custom program, please contact us via: rondleidingen@strw.leidenuniv.nl

Open Days
The observatory has nearly 10 open days a year where the building is open for visitors and special programs and attractions are offered. Like the planetarium or the optical lab. For more information on the dates please contact us or look at our agenda. 

For any other questions please contact us at rondleidingen@strw.leidenuniv.nl.